Challenge Me: Day #15 (Silence)

Silence is such an underrated quality of life. In a world where everything is shared, photographed, and more, silence is becoming a lost art. I'm not talking about the "negative" silence (remaining silent in the face of oppression, both literally and figuratively). I'm talking about that stone cold silence. That silence you "hear" when you're laying... Continue Reading →

Challenge Me: Day #11

If you work in the field of education (especially in the trenches), you understand that the work days are never the same. For some reason, today was particularly stressful, however, I felt the power that comes from laughing to overcome ANY obstacle. When a student got upset about a decision and tried me, I had... Continue Reading →

Challenge Me: Day #9

"Me Too"... Those two words created a much-needed conversation about sexual assault and harassment that people have experienced in their lives. Although actress Alyssa Milano is being credited for making this movement happen, alas, the truth comes out and once again, a Black woman was ahead of the game. How ahead of the game you... Continue Reading →

Challenge Me: Day #1

During my last therapy session, my therapist noted that I should do more for my own self-care and well-being as I prepare for this next year of my life (birthday is on Saturday). I was taken aback by her suggestion, but if I'm going to be honest, it's been one hell of a year and... Continue Reading →

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