Melanatedandeducated.com is a space to document the grind and the constant transition of an educated, nuanced, millennial Black male who is looking to break generational curses and influence the lives of Black people. Story-telling is a time-tested tradition in Black history and and my goal is to add to the conversation. This is a space where growth is encouraged and service is a requirement. For me, this is my service. The sharing of my story to inspire, motivate, and develop with YOU. Book recommendations, movie reviews, advice, and everything in between. Thank you for being in community with me and I encourage you to get ready to laugh, learn, and love as you continue to navigate the site.

What the People Say…

I take something away from each post. Thank you for your work!


It’s a great compilation of knowledge for Black folks to gain more INSIGHT.


I’m thoroughly impressed, sir!


Let’s build something together.