Melvin’s Room…

A lot of us been on the receiving end of a good ghosting once or twice in our lives at some point. I know people don’t want to admit it, but not everyone was poppin’ their entire lives (the truth hurts, I know). I’ve received a curve or 3 in my lifetime. No matter how many times I’ve been on the wrong end of a ghost, I never resorted to Cornball Melvin’s level of pettiness, hurt, or disrespectfulness. I thought that Drake’s Marvin’s Room was rough, Cornball Melvin took it to another level. Check out the level of hurt Melvin expressed in this voicemail after not receiving a response after 24 hours:

hanna barbera devlin GIF by Warner Archive
In the first 15 seconds of listening to the voicemail…
jada pinkett smith wow GIF by Red Table Talk
“You think you the bomb, and ain’t even a firecracker!”—She was something since you reached out to get the number. Come on, nih!
tlc what GIF
“Wearing wigs like you’re a 90 year old lady with no hair.”—Really chief?

ray j what GIF
But, beyond that there’s so many chicks in San Diego with that and I got plenty of them.”—Why are you like this Melvin? Who raised you?
drake GIF
“I guess you’re too retarded to realize that so I’m going to just go ahead and delete your number.” —-Melvin, you’re doing her such a favor. You got a lot of men looking crazy out here. You’re an embarrassment chief. Your toxic masculinity is showing, B.

Come to find out, people blew up his phone with calls and text messages. I will never understand this level of hurt by someone NOT responding to my messages. This is the type of behavior that many Black women talk about when they share about their negative experiences around dating. Le sigh. We got to do better guys. On a high note, check out this nice little mashup:

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