2018 Hot Takes

1. My wife

2. Having a sprained ankle and flying to my best friend’s birthday party

3. My best friend breaking HIS ankle during his party

4. Going to FSU’s homecoming and seeing all these dope ass Black people be successful

5. Spraining my ankle in three places

6. A text message from my brother letting me know how much he loves me

7. Going to South Africa with my wife and best friends

8. Finding an appreciation for Beyoncé

9. Getting 4.0 all year for school

10. The conversations that I have with my mentees

11. Re-reading the Alchemist

12. Supporting my friends’ businesses and ideas

13. Being a good friend and brother

14. Seeing my family after 5 years

15. Drinking Amarula

16. Learning the history of South Africa

17. Blessing the bottle with my staff

18. Forgiving myself

19. Loving myself

20. Taking chances

21. Sending out 52 cards to people that I care about

22. Missing the toilet seat while doing a #2 in a public restroom in London

23. Watching season 3 of Greenleaf (Basie crazy)

24. God’s guidance

25. Earning doctoral candidate status

26. My new barber

27. Calling to support Cyntoia Brown and her bid for clemency

28. Writing my senator to share my concerns about the job he’s doing

29. Educating myself and others on voting

30. Turning 30

2018, it’s been real and thank you for the experience. Here’s to 2019!

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