Tell Me Something Good #97

Over at, there’s a space on the site called Tell Me Something Good  dedicated to promoting positivity happenings in the lives of people. I decided to give it a go!

Today is Monday and I happen to be in a state that celebrates President’s Day (at least the first 44) which means no work! One good thing that is happening that I’m excited about is spending time with my mentee and his brother. I’m taking both of them to go see Black Panther and they’re super excited about it. If you’ve been living under a rock, Black Panther is breaking records and has a cast of wonderful Black actors that are killing it right now! The fact that I get to share this movie with my mentee and his brother is amazing. Representation matters and I’m excited for them to see different shades of Black skin highlighted on the silver screen.

For two young Black males to see a movie of this magnitude where they are able to see other melanin-rich peoples not in many stereotypical roles (gangsters, rappers, etc.) is awesome. I’m happy to be able to share this moment with them as they are in a critical juncture of their lives where they’re learning about their black identity and how they interact with the world. I want them to feel like they’re more than the negative imagines and narratives that they are inundated with on a daily basis.  If there’s anything good happening this week, this is it!



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