Challenge Me: Day #14 (Life & Death)

Today, I’m thankful for “life” and having the ability to wake up on my own two feet.  Someone in the world didn’t wake up and I know that they wished they could’ve felt the rays of the sun on their face. I had a very open conversation with someone today about death and how it can be a beautiful thing despite the pain it causes. People don’t like to talk about it, but death is something that we will all experience at some point in our lifetimes. It’s like the pink elephant in the room that nobody wants to really acknowledge, so it just looms over you.  My views on death continue to evolve and I realize that I’m more thankful to live out the Most High’s will when I start getting down on myself. I feel that everyone wants their life to make an impact and when you get a chance to start/finish a day, you have to do it!

At the end of the day, I spent quality time with some friends who are expecting a baby pretty soon. I thought this was a great juxtaposition to my conversation earlier in the day about death as we discussed the hardships that comes with bearing a child. We talked about parenting and the road that they’ll eventually have to cross in their own lives. They spoke with so much hope and determination that I felt encouraged by them. I know they’re going to do right by their child and I’m interested in seeing the baby boy develop in this world. It’s balance in the world when one person dies and another is born. Life has a way of correcting the world whether we like it or not. I’m appreciative to have another day to touch another life. As I tell so many people, I’m just happy to see another 24 hours because I recognize that someone didn’t get that opportunity this morning.

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