Challenge Me: Day #8

They say when God gives you an opportunity, you have to go for it like there’s no tomorrow. This can be a job, money, salvation, and everything in between. Yet, when God placed my wife in my life, I had no choice but to shoot my shot. Today (and really every day since I met her), I am so thankful for my wife. Now, I can go on and on about reasons why I’m so lucky to have her, but I won’t trouble your eyes. For now, I just appreciate the love that she gives and the friendship that she provides to me. Sometimes, I feel like she’s the only one that understands me even if she doesn’t always agree with me. She puts up with all of my craziness and still loves me (even when I aggravate her). I’m just happy to have her in my life. I think that’s all I gotta say about that!

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