Challenge: Day #4

Since I started this challenge a few days ago, I can already see a change in my perspective and feel that I’m slowly getting that magical energy back. I feel my diddy bop is coming back despite the number of things happening in the world now. Yes, 45 keep shooting with his Twitter fingers, the NFL forcing people to stand during the anthem, and the University of Miami beat my team (#ForeverFSU). But  the presence of the Lord is HERE (for some reason, that song was in my heart today) and that means there’s nothing to be worried about! There’s so much to be  grateful for and I believe it’s easy to lose sight of this when life keeps you distracted. 

As I reflect on the day, I actually had two highlights that I’m thankful to have and experience. The first? Listening to K-pop (Korean pop) with one of my staff members who is an avid lover of all things in that genre of music. I try to take interest in what my supervisees like and unbeknownst to her, I actually know a few K-pop songs. The look on her face as we listened to some old-school K-pop was hilarious because she didn’t know I’m more cultured than I let on. I was able to name some groups that was actually before her time and I loved it! More importantly, being able to share in my staff member’s interest means a lot to me.

2nd? I hosted a program for some of my transfer students and it was successful! There were some hiccups in making this happen that made me reconsider, however, real Gs push through when things look tough.  I’m grateful that these students felt that they had a positive experience (based on assessments) and made some real connections with people. So much so, everyone stayed almost 45 minutes after the program ended and only left to watch a show called Riverdale. I remembered my”why” today and my passion for changing the lives of my students continues to increase every single day. They’re the reason why I do my job and I’m happy I was able to make a small change in their lives.

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