Challenge Me: Day #3

Today actually started and ended pretty well. Not only did I get to see some awesome student leaders, I also had the chance to have some real conversation with one of my favorite students. The positivity and energy that this student brings is always welcomed in my office every day. They shared that they originally came to request something, but left with jewels of wisdom which is always a goal of mine.  Just to drop some knowledge whenever possible, no matter how big or small.

My highlight from today was really my coworkers and their ability to not only show care, but also their ability to be hilariously funny without trying. I work in an office that is filled with Black career staff and it is just an awesome feeling to have people that identify with my experience. Not only do we crack jokes, share knowledge, and sometimes cry in our office, we hold each other to a higher standard of work. We hold each other accountable to what we say we’re going to do. The reason? We understand that we represent each other and have to come correct more times than we care to do.

Part of working while Black is recognizing that you’re scrutinized and criticized more than some of your other colleagues of a lesser hue. People pay attention to everything that we do and I feel like it intimidates a few folks for whatever reason. We don’t bother anyone. We just do good work and actually have fun while doing it. I appreciate when the Most High puts coworkers into your life that become family. In a time in our nation’s history where you’re constantly hit with numerous messages about your blackness and experiencing varying levels of microaggressions, today was needed. Thanks BWS for all of the laughs today. Definitely the “unicorns” in my life!

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