Moonlight is Lit!

Each year after the Super Bowl, I forget that America quickly spends the rest of February on recognizing outstanding performances and albums in entertainment. This season is affectionately known as “awards season” and I typically do not really care about any of the awards to be honest. Now, there are a number of injustices that continue to happen at any given awards show: Denzel not winning an Academy Award for Fences, Jay Z or Beyonce not winning album of the year at the Grammys, and I haven’t had the opportunity to seat fill at the Golden Globes! The injustices are real! I decided that I was going to take a gander at this year’s Oscars to see Jimmy Kimmel host an awards show that is #sowhite and hoped to see some of my favorite movies of the year get the respect they deserve from the mainstream.  I was concerned because I kept hearing about La La Land and people seemed to frickin’ lose their minds over this movie so I was certain they would sweep in many categories.

Yet, tonight, my community definitely showed out and damn, I am so proud! Check the stats:

Viola Davis- Best Supporting Actress for Fences

Mahershala Ali- Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight

Moonlight- Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay

Now, for many Moonlight was controversial as it depicted a taboo a subject in the black community regarding the intersectionality of being gay, black, and a male. I recall quite a few people being so upset about this film and the conversations I had with some folks was challenging at times because they could not take seeing a film of this nature. It was definitely an underdog to say the least. Despite all of the praise and criticism, the movie has been winning so many awards and I’m happy. I’m elated that a film that highlighted such a subject in a magnificent light is get the recognition it truly deserves. Excellent (but heartbreaking) story, wonderful cast, and Barry Jenkins is a Florida State Alum!

Here’s the crazy part though, how Moonlight won the biggest award of the night was trippy. Take a look here. Warren Beatty messes up this pivotal moment and unfortunately, some of the cast continued to act like they won the damn award. They were certainly hot about not getting the award which is understandable but let the melanin ease your mind and be great! I do not identify as gay, however, I see the importance of this moment of art on film for my brown/black/yellow brothers/sisters that are in the LGBTQ community. Jenkins and McCraney handled the confusion like real G’s from Miami and they deserve every accolade. #melaninatedexcellence!



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