Super Bowl LI! It’s finally here! One of those unofficial “holidays” in the United States where people come together in the name of sports and its expected that some people will mysteriously be sick the next day. Outside of all the ridiculousness with Ol’ Boy in the White House, today is probably a day of celebration (especially if you live in either Atlanta or Boston-area) for many people. Of course, everything can’t be so simple. On February 3rd, those wonderful people over at Yahoo Beauty decided to let everyone know some earth-shattering news:



Hol’ up, wait a minute! Now, I like Alyssa Milano. I remember her in Charmed  and other shows from the earlier 2000s that most people can’t recall. I’ll admit that she looks fine with the braids, but I’m not cool with this tweet about her “debuting” cornrows. We’ve seen this countless times, whether from the clan whose last names begin with K (Kardashian, not KKK) to Miley Cyrus and her foolishness, white people aren’t debuting anything that another culture hasn’t done already. I get tired of mainstream media trying to give white people the credit for what they said is disgusting or uncouth. Save that ish for someone who cares. And of course, there are people who don’t understand why this is offensive or disrespectful and like I’ve mentioned, I’m fine with her doing her thing. Wear a damn birds nest in your head for all I care, BUT, I’m not gon’ let it seem like Alyssa invented the damn cornrows like the media has done. It’s exhausting, honestly, truly. Yet, I’m sure that there are white people who still act like they don’t see what the problem is and I’m gon’ need them to #neverforget! Below are other examples of when columbusing (if you don’t know what this is, click here) went wrong:

Chanel, who the hell you think you fooling? I know I can go down to Sally’s to get the same damn thing! Urban Tie Cap? If you don’t get yo’ ol’ columbusing asses outta here!screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-10-46-55-pm

The new and improved Kim Kardashian for a new generation. She had her moment a few years ago about cultural appropriation and still, people made excuses for her. When AI had them in the NBA, cornrows sent a certain message to viewers and now they’re hot?!screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-10-46-21-pm

We’re in a strange time in this country and we have to stop letting people get passes for foolishness. #Sorrynotsorry. We have to start holding folks accountable for #alternativefacts being thrown out into the world because there are young people that are seeing this and believing it to be real.Got to let the next generation know the truth out here. I know some white people are going to be mad and in your honor, please take a look at my feelings about YOUR feelings:



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