A Little Reminder…

Christmas is a time where families join together and smiles are to be had all around the world. Japan celebrates with KFC, Finland takes a trip to the sauna, and Americans get together to give gifts. As capitalistic as the holiday is and estranged from its origins, Chrismuh, usually brings a slight joy to the world. For me, it brings a sense of reflection. One of my all-time favorite Christmas moments came almost 16 years ago when living in New Jersey with my grandparents. This was at a time where the Playstation One was running things and WWF as it was known was at a peak of popularity. WWF Smackdown 2 released just in time for the holiday season on November 21, 2000 and I made it a point to drop all the hints necessary to assure my family knew what I wanted for Christmas. I circled the game in the Toys R’ Us paper, showed the commercials to family, and even talked about during the wrestling shows on television. Fast-forward to Christmas 2000, I waited with bated breath to see what my family got me for the holiday and of course, they purchased it. Apparently, my cousin informed my grandmother about the game and she purchased it for me. My grandmother did not know anything about video games, but she made it a point to grab it for me. That was one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received for Christmas. Its moments like this that I miss my grandparents for all that they’ve done for me around this time of year. I think back to one of my earliest Christmas memories where I hid behind a couch to try to stay up on Christmas Eve to open my gifts before everyone else. Of course, that didn’t happen because my aunt shut it down. I miss those days my family was together and enjoyed one another’s company. I took those moments for granted, foolishly thinking that they would always happen for the rest of my life. Although we don’t come together anymore, my grandparents laid a strong foundation of tradition that I can give my children. I look forward to having ridiculous holiday sweater photos, volunteering at a local shelter, and showering my child with love.  To my grandparents, thank you so much for all that you’ve taught me. You’ve provided a great experience for your unborn great-grandchildren.

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