Stronger than You know…

At at time where Black people are losing their lives at the hands of numerous social institutions (police, mass incarceration, and Don King to name a few), our community has shown that we can smile in the face of danger.  From Colin Kaepernick getting the front cover the Time magazine, the National Museum of African-American History opens with grandiose and Blackness, and one of the greatest interviews of our time surfaced, Black people will NOT be deterred. I’ve always appreciated my people’s ability to let others rain on our parade and this is a timeless tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Getting cracked with a whip and breaking up our families, our people still pressed on. Having water sprayed from hoses directly in our faces, we still pressed on. Killing a number of our leaders, we still pressed on. Killing numerous Black men for doing a wide variety of things from raising up their hands to helping a person with a mental disability, we pressed on. Despite the oppressor trying to hold us down, we keep going. My people are a strong people that won’t be silenced despite YOUR attempts. We will keep fighting and showing up.

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