Come & Get Me!

One of my favorite songs from Jay Z is Come & Get Me from Vol. 3 (one of his best albums, fight me!)  where he talks super greasy and was keeping it thorough the whole way through. Outside of the name of this article, it doesn’t connect, but its a great song! 🙂

I’m back and I apologize for the delay.Between the tragedies in society taking place, school, and work, it’s been a difficult month to be a black man in the United States. I understand that the blog got a little bit of sidetracked, however, I will commit to bringing you quality content as I move through this doctoral journey.


To catch up where I left off, I decided to not attend the university that first admitted me, and I waited patiently for God to direct my steps. I attended another informational at a local university, and I LOVED it! The faculty seemed cool, I reviewed dissertations, and it felt homely, but I still needed to get accepted. Plus, it didn’t help that I needed to take the GRE within a week to ensure that I meet the deadline for admission to the program. My better half happened to have a book as she was studying for the GRE for her doctoral program (you know, Black Excellence) and I skimmed through it, but didn’t hold my breath. I paid the money and scheduled the test a week away. People seemed to be more nervous than me about the test, and I just said I’m going to do what I can and leave the rest up to the Most High. You know when you give him the control, it’s a wrap because He always come through with the come through. I surpassed the necessary scores on both the writing and overall portions of the test.**Praise break**

Fast forward, and I submitted my application to the university at one of the busiest times of the academic year as I was teaching, handling staff issues, and finding time to support my better half on her application process towards the doctorate journey. Two months passed by, and I finally get an email asking for an interview for the program. I knew it’s turn up time. It’s mine to lose and I aint about to let that happen bih!

A few weeks later and one of the faculty members actually came to MY office for the interview! People said that something like that doesn’t happen often which means they really wanted me to join their program. In my mind, he “gon’ get this work!” This was an opportunity for him to get a glimpse into who I am and the values of my life. My office was littered with quotes, Black art, and even a painting I did that said “Black, Educated, & Dangerous!”

There was a piece of me that was sweating because I was so anxious about the interview. I put a lot of weight on this experience, possibly more than actually getting a job out of graduate school. At the end of the interview, it was a wrap as he told me, “welcome to the program!?!” I sat there stunned because its real and I close the door to my office and just cried. Humbled and in awe at the amazingness of the Most High. Immediately, I contacted the Queen and told her about the success of the day! I’m honored by what God brings to the table each day because I am not worthy of His greatnesss, but He always comes through when you’re not expecting it.





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